Hiring can be a painful process, leading to leadership pain, team pain, and customer pain. However, these issues often start with hiring mistakes made during the process, such as being inattentive or rushing through it. To avoid these mistakes and find the right fit, it’s important to get to know the person and their attitude, which can be aided by using books in interviews and allowing for silence in conversation. By taking the time to carefully assess potential hires, you can avoid the pain of making a bad hire and find the right fit for your team.

Mike Abou Daher

Mike Abou Daher has been involved in Sales and Marketing for most of his working career. He truly feels he has some outstanding strategies and systems that could help you, and he'll do everything he can so you learn about them and act on them. "My Success Is Only Driven By Your Success" This has been his philosophy with everything he does.

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