Let me ask you a potentially big question...

"Does your life represent right now what you think it should be like?"

I invite you to join me on this journey where I'll share with you my greatest STRATEGIES that connects BUSINESS SENSE, IMPACT and PURPOSE with your STORY and STATE. 

I want to share with you some personal details of my life… for a very specific reason. I am who I am, and I try to strive to tell it to you straight. Always. I think this will be of great benefit to you as you get to know me.

This is about making sure you don’t lose sight of what the whole purpose of your business is. While pursuing our profits and lifestyle, and all the other good things that come along with it, we can start to get a little cross-eyed.

And that can be frustrating and leave us at the mercy of forces out of our control.

This is what I’ve seen in my own experience. There are the mistakes I’ve made. There are the potholes so you don’t fall in them head-first like I did – it’s all in service of giving you something great that you can use.

The only information I look forward to getting is from people I feel I know personally. And information alone won’t help you succeed, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source; someone you can TRUST.

I truly feel I have some outstanding strategies and systems that could help you, and I’ll use everything I know so you learn about them and act on them. “My Success Is Only Driven By Your Success” This has been my philosophy with everything I do.

My focus is to add more value in your life than anyone else ever does, to be a resource and provide you with tools that you can apply immediately to make a difference.

Before we get too deep into this, I want to make something clear. If you’ve been a part of my personal and business life, you know I always try to add a ton of value to the lives of others and it's all based on two key factors that I value in everything I do.

Passion and Care

I know this might sound a little strange, but have you ever felt that you’re meant to make a real contribution with your time here.

It usually starts with a sense of discontent and disengagement. A nagging voice that you keep having a conversation with in your head that you are NOT doing what you were meant to be. That there’s MORE you can achieve with your talents, your abilities and your resources to bring you to your highest potential.

I know this because I’ve been there.

See a few years ago, I felt I had achieved success. I was making a lot of money and had built a great reputation, had an incredible family, lived in a nice neighbourhood.

I’d made it… but there was something missing something just didn’t feel right, I just wasn’t totally happy.

In fact, I was burnt out and losing passion quickly for what I was doing. My business was making me good money but I would dread getting up in the morning; I just wasn’t fired up anymore.

And as each month went by that nagging voice kept coming back more and more.

The bottom line is this; it began to affect everyone around me especially the people closest to me.

So how do I get to be here with you, how did my life turn around?

Long story short to say the least I was emerged in What I was doing and forgot Why I was doing it.

In the next coming months I discovered my Passion and Care again and I learned that no matter what’s happened in your past and how many times you fall, none of that matters because this moment is a fresh new opportunity.

Passion you say!

Let’s take you for example, you’ve ended up here reading this in what could possibly be the beginning stage of hiring someone for your real estate needs or, you’re just fascinated by me and want to learn more ☺

When you interview someone for a position, you’re often looking to find someone who is passionate and that’s usually where you stop. The issue is that everyone is passionate about something and hiring a passionate person doesn’t guarantee you’ll accomplish anything great.

The point is to hire someone who shares the passion you’re working to bring to life. In other words, hire people who believe what you believe, who get out of bed everyday to work towards something that supports your vision of the world! You, the people you hire and the people around you are a team and that team has to be inspired to pull in the same direction towards your ultimate destination that you all believe in.

What about Care?

Let me ask you a question: as you get older, would you like your family to support you or to care about you?

Your family can support you, pay your bills, call you every Monday and visit you on your birthday. But if they care about you, they will visit you more often, they will bring the grand kids over with your favourite meal.

No one wants to be supported, we want to be cared for.

An agent who’s offering “support” tends to follow a script. They tend to be matter-of-fact about things. Even if the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, they will actually tell you they’ve done all they can do.

But a customer care agent who’s working with you, will talk to you differently, have more patience and will go out of their way or even ask one of their colleagues for help if they don’t know the answer. There is no script. There is no special training required, just special words to inspire them to do the right thing…to take care.

We are often unaware of how powerful our thoughts can be. Most of us follow a path that has been laid out by culture, society, expectations, circumstance. And we admire those few who seem to find the strength to rise up and do something different.

I invite you to join me on this journey and let’s connect!

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