Hey everyone, Mike here and welcome to another episode of #heysumaraisteve. Steve what question do you have for us today?

Hey Mike, today’s question is about inspections. Whether a buyer should have one done or not and save the money spent?

Great question Steve and one that could actually save a buyer from a bad purchase. The short answer is YES Absolutely! Here’s why.

It is a huge gamble in my opinion for someone to forgo an inspection (now of course unless you’re planning to tear the house down). What you don’t want to end up with is a list of unexpected and expensive problems.

A good home inspector will evaluate the interior and exterior of a structure, looking for several things and even though the process is far from perfect and not guaranteed that they’ll uncover every single problem and not able to do things like open up walls.

They will check things like:

electrical outlets, switches and the fuse/breaker panel.

Flush toilets and turn on faucets to make sure they work and to determine water pressure.

Open and close all the windows.

Check the floors, walls and ceilings for any defects.

Check the basement or foundation for any water leakage.

Inspect the heating and cooling systems.

Check out the attic and any crawl spaces to assess insulation.

Examine in the closets and under the stairs.

Inspect roof and eavestroughs.

Look around the entire exterior of the building structure looking for signs of weather damage.

Look for any issues with exterior decks and railings.

Inspect the foundation looking for cracks or other issues.

Check the grading etc…

Now if you’re seriously considering a purchase you’re not just getting me, you’re getting the entire team and part of that team is our great inspector Pete whom I trust and rely on when it comes to home construction. So what are you wating for? Head over to PlanWithMike and let’s get on a call.

Mike Abou Daher

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