OK, I need to be upfront with you here: This will NOT apply to everyone. But it does apply to a lot of people who might not think so, at first. After all, even if you don’t need clients (if you have all the clients you want now) with today’s whacky economy… this is a valuable skill to have just in case, either way, right? In any economy and especially if you’re brand spanking new to your business with no contacts, leads or network.

Let’s hit it,…

The Long Jump Method

This method is a great way to “long jump” over the normal time and energy investment it takes to get to bigger high paying clients. I have seen this work with multiple kinds of service providers in all kinds of industries, too. You find big money clients you’re normally not able to get work from right away, but who may be willing to accept your Free Help. Yes, you heard that right! You offer to do something, anything doesn’t matter how big or small the task is for free. Many big clients might be turned off but usually a few of them will find something for you to do. After all, what do they have to lose?

Then guess what happens?

You can now say with 100% honesty you did work for that person/business!

This will then let you use their name and prestige in your marketing to attract other big clients. So for example, let’s say you’re a web designer and you made this offer to a well known TV celebrity. And you designed a blog for them (even if it’s something real basic). Now you can honestly say you’ve done web design work for that celebrity.

What does this all mean? It means your portfolio has a lot more “punch” to it.

Long Jump Method img1

Of course you must do a good job and make sure to get their permission to use their name in your marketing. Something most people happily agree to if you follow through and do a great job and in fact, they may even pass your name around to their friends! You can also offer to trade your services to a potential big client, too. In other words, you do some work for them in exchange for access to one of their products, etc.

But however you chose to do it this is a great way to get high standard testimonials and build a tremendous amount of social proof for your service. Talent only gets you so far in today’s celebrity driven world. It’s all about social proof now, instead. Like the saying goes: “A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge.” If you want to build a client base of high quality customers, then do something (anything small or big and for free) for someone with lots of credibility, prestige or celebrity-power.

Still wondering whether to give this a try?

Who do you think will get more clients faster:

  1. The straight “A” student accountant fresh out of Harvard who nobody knows, and just set up his practice with a sign outside his door or…
  2. The “C” level accountant who barely graduated from a cheaper little known accounting school… but who’s done work for Sydney Crosby (ok 🙂 I’m interested in hockey)

Like it or not… the C level Sydney Crosby Accountant will probably win every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Why? Because he’s done work for Sydney Crosby! We’re in a celebrity obsessed society now where nobody cares what experts think. But they will hang onto every word a celebrity utters – no matter how foolish or false.

Long Jump Method img2

There ARE exceptions of course. But for the most part, if you want lots and lots of clients (especially locally) then head forth and give this method a try as when a celebrity knights you an Expert then you’re “it”.

Would love to hear if this is something you’ve tried or going to try, just leave a comment below.

Mike Abou Daher

Mike Abou Daher has been involved in Sales and Marketing for most of his working career. He truly feels he has some outstanding strategies and systems that could help you, and he'll do everything he can so you learn about them and act on them. "My Success Is Only Driven By Your Success" This has been his philosophy with everything he does.

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