Years ago a real estate expert told me that the party who is less motivated almost always gets the better deal. The ONE single element that will determine how well you negotiate your offer is…

Hi my name is Mike Abou Daher and I specialize in helping families buy, sell and invest in real estate. If this is your first time here make sure to like and follow me so you don’t miss any of my real estate insights.

In this video series so far, we’ve covered buying Needs and Wants, How much you can afford, how to evaluate homes and today a tip on negotiating which is my favourite part of the process.

The ONE single element that will determine how well you negotiate your offer is…

How MOTIVATED Is The Seller,


      If the home has been on the market for over a year, perhaps it’s because the seller hasn’t been motivated enough to sell.

      And if you’ve been looking for four months, your kids are late for starting school this year because you haven’t found a home yet, and you now have found the right home, YOU may be very motivated to buy! Regardless, you should at least consider this:

Move Heaven And Earth To AVOID Emotional Attachment

To The Home You’re Considering

      If you’re all giddy about the home. If you can’t hold back your emotions when around the home, then you’re going to get clobbered when negotiating the purchase.

That’s just ONE reason why you need someone like me representing you during any transaction.

      So let’s say you do have a REALTOR® representing you and you’re ready to write an offer.

      What’s the single best piece of information you can have?

      It’s the comparable sales and market data for the entire market and the area. Ask your REALTOR® to send you the information for you to use. Now, here’s what you want to do…

      You want to take a look at FOUR important “market signs:”

1.         Take a look at the currently active (for sale) listings in the area. Was the home you’re considering priced within reason to other homes?   If so, you know you’re at a reasonable starting point.

2.         Now, take a look at what the average selling price is compared to the listing price. You may notice that most homes are selling for about 3% or 4% less than their offer price. If that’s the case, you know the original offers were LESS than this amount. Take this into consideration when making your offer. And leave plenty of room for negotiating.

3.         Now, make sure you visit several of the other listings in the area. How does your home compare to the other homes? Is the home you’re considering in similar shape? Is it better located? Is it bigger, smaller, better style, better landscaping, etc.? These factors will help you determine how much you should pay for your home vs. how much others paid for similar homes in the community.

4.         Now, take a look at the average market times for homes in the area. If they’re long (evaluated on a market by market basis), the market may be soft, and you might have more negotiating room with your offer. If you’re ready to move forward with buying and you’d like someone with strong negotiating skills by your side, head over to PlanWithMike let’s have a chat where I’ll share with you my numbers and a couple of case studies.

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