In some ways, what you’re about to read has been some of the most profitable information businesses have ever used. It’s not new. Probably you have heard of the concept before. But it takes a lot of guts and confidence in yourself and your business to pull it off successfully.

Thus, hardly anyone does it. What am I speaking of here?


Top salesmen and marketers have been using this powerful little technique for Years… even decades. And what it basically means is, when you’re selling your product or service, you sort of… take it away from the customer by telling them they can’t or shouldn’t buy along those lines. We’ll cover specific ways of doing this in a minute.

But first, a warning.

Before attempting the takeaway you MUST obey the 2 commands below. Do not ignore them. They are both very important. And if you don’t follow them it will either have no real lasting influence in your marketing… or you will come off as a total hack, and completely fake and it will all backfire on you!

Anyway, here they are:

  1. Get rid of your NEED for the sale.

Yes, you need sales to run your business. But, what you don’t want is neediness. Call it posture or whatever you want. But if you need any one specific person to buy, then that makes you look weak.

Instead come in with strength, conviction and an agenda. When you don’t need someone’s deal, they can smell it on you.

And when they know you don’t need them, there is a much better chance of them needing to buy from you, as your confidence just oozes off of your persona. So the first thing to remember, No Neediness.

The second thing to remember:

  1. Don’t treat the takeaway as a gimmick.

Done correctly it is not so much a selling technique as it is a principle of selling. You want to own the takeaway like you own your arms and legs – it’s part of you. Every word you write or speak must be 100% true – you must REALLY feel the way you are sounding like. It’s something embedded in all your communication subconsciously because you really don’t want everyone to buy.

In other words, you’re not doing this as some kind of ninja trick to get someone to buy something they don’t want or need. You’re doing it as a matter of principle it’s how you do business. You know you have something of value, you know there are certain people who should NOT be buying. And you also know there are people who really should have your product, who are on the fence and that by doing the takeaway, you put them at ease to make buying from you easier so they can more quickly solve their problem.

So, it’s not a trick.

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It’s a principle – a demonstration of your belief in your product and in the confidence you have in it.


So what are some ways to use takeaway selling? Below are a handful of ways I use, and that are easily used by just about anyone reading this.

Tell them not to buy.

I mainly use this with emails, when replying to a prospect’s questions or comments. And it’s amazing how well it works to flip people from being hostile or not wanting to buy… into long-term customers. Some Example:

“your product is too expensive” “ I don’t think your product will work for my situation” “Does your product show us how to do XYZ…” and so on, and so forth.

All these questions are really just objections, they are telling you they WANT to buy, but something is holding them back. Most marketers take this opportunity to pitch and give all their benefits and try to talk the would-be customer into buying.

Well, try the opposite.

Tell them they are right, it is too expensive if you’re only worried about price and not as concerned about the quality. Yes, I agree, it probably won’t work for you, your attitude needs to change, first. No, it doesn’t show you how to do XYZ like Guru Bob’s product, you should just go with his, my product is completely different and not intended for people who just want the same old, same old…

OK, you get the idea.

Take the sale away. Tell them NOT to buy. And you know what will often happen?

Many times… they WILL buy!

Takeaway #2

Tell Them They Shouldn’t Buy (if)

This is the easiest way to do the takeaway if you are using a sales letter or ad. And what you do is simply tell them they should NOT buy if they have certain attributes. Do this right, and you’ll weed out the time wasters and attract the best customers/clients.

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Fact is this product really is not for everyone.

And the vast majority online don’t qualify.

For example…

“this product” is not for people who can’t focus and never implement anything (while complaining about information overload)… or those who are on a tight budget (I would not recommend going into debt to subscribe)… or if you think you can learn a super secret ninja trick today and be rich by next Thursday. 

If that’s you, don’t waste your time.

I’m sure there’s a place for you somewhere.

But It’s Not

“This Product”

And there’s no pressure to stay on board either. Etc…


See how that works? You literally tell them “hey, if you’re this, this or that, this isn’t for you and you should NOT buy.” Very simple. And… very profitable.

Takeaway #3

Tell Them They Have To Qualify To Buy

Finally, this is one of my favorite ways to close a sale. I think one of the best examples I’ve ever seen is in an older Halbert newsletter when trying to sell trading system. Sheer Brilliance:

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You see, almost everyone I teach this system makes money. That’s because my system just plain works! But, it’s more than that. I am very selective about the people I teach. I turn down way more people than I accept. That’s because most people are “wired to lose.” They trade with “scared money.” They take way too long to make a decision. They can’t focus. Here are three things you must have… if… you want to make huge profits by using my system:

  1. MONEY: I charge $3,700 (payable in advance) to teach this system. Over and above that, you need at least $5,000 (or more) to begin trading with.Not only that, I don’t want to train you if you have to “scrape” the money together. If you’ve got to max out your credit cards, borrow the money from your brother-in-law or anything like that, you will be trading with “scared money” and…Scared Money
    Can’t Win
  2. TIME: you’ve got to have at least 90 minutes every day you can use to focus exclusively to reading news stories and making trades… and…
  3. THE ABILITY TO MAKE A FAST DECISION: want to read the companies’ balance sheets? Want to see one of their glossy brochures? Want to call a friend or a broker and ask what they think about the stock you just read about?You’re out!With my system, you’ve got to be fast, focused and fearless.

And that is what a good takeaway does – it flips the script. So instead of you having to prove yourself to the buyer, the buyer starts mentally trying to prove him or herself to you.

It’s a great way to sell and hardly anyone really does it. And even those who do, rarely do it right, and you can see right through them, that they are simply trying to “trick” people into buying – treating it as a gimmick instead of a principle of selling.

But if you do it right, there’s no pressure. It’s just take it or leave it.

“Yes, I’d love it if you bought, but I know it’s not for everyone and if you don’t qualify for it, then I’d prefer you NOT buy anyway… “

You don’t use those exact words – but that’s the intention and feeling and belief you have. And when you have that down, the takeaway becomes natural and easy and permeates all your advertising and marketing.

There you have it. Three ways to “takeaway” the sale in order to increase your own sales. Which one are you going to try? Just leave a comment below.

Mike Abou Daher

Mike Abou Daher has been involved in Sales and Marketing for most of his working career. He truly feels he has some outstanding strategies and systems that could help you, and he'll do everything he can so you learn about them and act on them. "My Success Is Only Driven By Your Success" This has been his philosophy with everything he does.

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