3 high points for you today that will save you from a lot of mistakes around how NOT to build a buyer list

Don’t you hate when this happens?

You see a well-done sales letter or a slick pretty good sales video… it’s WORKING. You’re reading or watching, you’re into it, and then BAM you’re distracted with a pop up Opt-In Form or a chat widget.

Now WHY would the seller do that? They got me to a place where they’re trying to close the sale, right?

They’re making their case, overcoming my potential objections, they’re selling me and then, they give me the option to NOT BUY!!

You know, maybe spending money on that service or product wasn’t such a good idea anyway. I mean, think about it they’re trying to get a subscriber at the expense of a Paying customer.

Here’s the issue:

A Confused MIND will almost always say NO!

So Have ONE Goal and ONE goal ONLY on your landing pages, it’s such a rookie mistake and I see way too many doing it.

Look, after nearly two decades marketing and selling things online, I’ve made mistakes like this and I’m sure we all have.

But I’ve also tripped over a couple of tricks to build a responsive list of subscribers and happy customers.

So here’s a few high points for you today I think will save you from a lot of mistakes.

  1. When you’re marketing you’re either creating relationships or closing a sale.

If you try to do BOTH, you end up giving that potential customer a way out or shift their focus somewhere else. Think of a squeeze landing page, you’re basically squeezing that visitor to take action only on the one thing you want them to take action on. You don’t have menus and links and tons of information… you have just enough information and a call to action. One Goal!

Here’s some advice. At the beginning you’re either getting Cold Traffic – these are people that don’t know you at all or warm/endorsed Traffic – these are people referred to you for example and this would be their first official introduction.

For these people you need to concentrate on creating a Relationship before you try to sell them Anything.

Do you ask someone for money the first time you meet them? I mean I try not to 🙂

The fact is asking someone to do business with you the first time has a very small chance of success. That’s why most online conversions are around the 1%.

Instead, you get to know that person and Show Them what you’re all about.

All of a sudden, you’ve got a connection, And Now the relationship can eveolve to a place of trust. From there, it’s So Much EASIER to start to Talk Business.

The first time you meet a potential customer, all you really need to do is eliminate the risk in order to create a relationship with them.

So how do you do that?

Here’s what I would do which leads me to my second tip:

2. OFFER Value without Expectation!

I’m talking about reaching as broadly as you can into your market and giving away content that solves the basic, general problems for those prospects.

PROVE to them that you’re worth buying from by solving their pressing problems for them the very first time they meet you, AND ONLY ask for an opt-in in exchange. You don’t even need to bring up that you sell anything at all at this point.

In fact, you should be deliberately be trying to help people who may not be potential customers of your specific product or service at all. You might think this is counter-intuitive but think of it like this:

Let me give you an example around Real Estate

There’s really 3 top main reasons people use a realtor:

  1. To buy
  2. To Sell
  3. To Invest

So in this case while your service might address a program for first time buyers.. it’s still only addressing one of those 3 reasons, which means that you’re not talking to the other 2/rds of the market. But Why Not address the entire market with your content?

Then, once you build that relationship, offer your service to a segment of those subs who are INTERESTED. Everyone else would be fine at the meantime as they got some free solutions from you and they are in the black, and you have proven to be a NO-RISK interaction.

So NOW you still have room to address that other 2/3rds of the market in future services and offerings from INSIDE the comfort of your own list. You don’t have to go out and re-build new targeted traffic.

And that’s why List Building is so powerful!

Just keep in mind which leads me to my last point:

3. Expanding their world automatically Complicates It, there’s a progression you have to take them through.

Let me give you one last example – in my real estate business when I first started I didn’t just go after Buyers, I went after Buyers, sellers, Investors, Builders,… I wanted to prove the value of partnering with me.

And they got to know that this guy Mike has good solutions! So when I talked about a problem that they DID have, I already had my foot in the door.

Think back to the first time you ever met or heard of me… chances are, it wasn’t because I was selling you something.

And if I was, I probably had something you could get For Free without ANY expectation of a sale… But of course, NOT on the same page! Have a great day and I’ll chat with you soon!

Mike Abou Daher

Mike Abou Daher has been involved in Sales and Marketing for most of his working career. He truly feels he has some outstanding strategies and systems that could help you, and he'll do everything he can so you learn about them and act on them. "My Success Is Only Driven By Your Success" This has been his philosophy with everything he does.

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