Welcome to part 2. In part 1 of the series I talked about 5 Valuable secrets to build belief in your marketing. Tell Stories, Media Endorsements, Have One Of Their Own Deliver Your Message, Specialize and Demonstrate. Make sure to read about it here first.

Belief secret #6

Unbeatable Guarantee

Admittedly, this one takes big balls. It’s not for the timid, though. And you should have your numbers figured out and know for a fact your operation is running on all cylinders and that you’re not selling to the wrong customers.

Anyway, we all know about irresistible guarantees. Money back, double your money back, etc. And those are great. Heck, TRIPLE your money back will make the stud of studs in your market overnight.

But in addition to that, if you want to build BELIEF in your product or service you can cook it up another notch. I’ll give you two examples and you can take it from there as far as applying this concept to your business.

The first example let’s say you’re a trainer and you run a boot camp class. You make it VERY easy to try your class out. For one thing, you give a free lesson to get prospects in the door. But even better than that is your unbeatable guarantee: “If you’re not happy with your free lesson and not convinced we’re the best option for you, then I will BUY you a month of lessons at any boot camp of your choice!”

How can you NOT at least try this class out? Is there ANY doubt he’s the man?

Is there any doubt that he 1000% BELIEVES in his own teachings? And that belief transfers directly to the customers. Just a bold guarantee nobody else in his area has the balls to counter.

Ok, another example. Let’s say you’re a car mechanic and you’re guarantee is: “If I don’t fix your car the first time you bring it in, I’ll buy your car from you!” I bet your business would BOOM. And let’s face it, mechanics are amongst the least trusted people out there – right up there with used car salesmen, lawyers and politicians. But this guarantee melts right through all that skepticism in one cleverly crafted unique selling proposition nobody else can touch.

So food for thought. Find a way to make an unbeatable guarantee and belief is automatic even form the most skeptical of skepties.

Belief secret #7


Not much to say about this, is there?

Imagine this:

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you go in to see a lawyer. In the office, there was no TV, no magazines, and nothing to do while waiting except look at these giant binders on the end tables next to the couches and chairs.

What was in the binders?

Customer testimonials! Page after page after page… and since that’s all you could do to entertain yourself, you were thoroughly indoctrinated with how great these lawyers were before you even went in to see them!

It wasn’t how much they charged or if they were the right people for the case, it was a matter of “Okay, how do we get started?” So testimonials can be very powerful.


Which takes us right into secret #8.

Gold Card Testimonials

What’s a gold card testimonial? It refers to testimonials from celebrity types and it’s another example of specialization. For example, if you got a testimonial from the New York Times, does it really matter what it says? Does it matter if it just said you’re a nice guy?

Not really. What matters is the name power behind that testimonial.

And when you get to a certain point where you have lots of testimonials, it’s worth it to really hone in on getting this specific kind. Any time a celebrity-type sends you an email, if there is even a few words of praise in it, ask if you can use that as a testimonial!

Here’s another way to get gold card testimonials: If you are a service provider, offer to do something (even free) for a celebrity type in your market. If you do a good job, and they’re happy with it, then ask for a testimonial. So go for the gold, and people will be far more likely to believe you and buy from you.

Belief secret #9


Most of us know the power of admitting flaws in our products and services. But how many people talk or Brag about them? Not too many.

Now, we’ve all got negatives in everything we’re presenting against the negative idea. So, what can you do? You can hide them and basically lie to the customer. You can sneak around them and try to slip them by without notice.

OR you can bring them out and Brag about them.

For example I used to run a wireless business and one of the main sources of revenue where the fees we charged. Were my fees expensive? Absolutely. Why did I charge so much? Because I can – because my clients aren’t just willing to pay these kind of rates, they’re happy to pay them for the kind of service they receive.

So I’m taking a negative which is this huge negative we all think about – PRICE, and turning it into a positive. Somebody asks me about my price, “yeah, they’re expensive. I’m thinking of raising them.”

BRAG about your flaws! Don’t hide them, drag them out into the light and romance them! It will make everything you say far more credible and the benefits will be way more believable and have more “weight” to them.

Belief secret #10


This is perfect if you’re brand new to business or just starting out in a new market. There is a TON of power for being the guy/gal who calls “BS” on the scammers, cons and dishonest people in your market. It is also a great way to get the media’s attention.

No matter what market or industry you’re in, there is dishonesty and scamming going on. Why not be the person who exposes it? You’re not only doing the world a tremendous service… but you’re positioning yourself as someone who can be trusted and BELIEVED.

Hardly ANYONE takes the time to work in belief-building components to their advertising, emails, etc. so when YOU do it, you’ll stand out like an honest man or woman right away.

There are many benefits to focusing in on belief and zero drawbacks. So work as many of these tips into your overall marketing plan and watch your sales grow.

I would love to hear how you plan to implement them in your business or if you’d like to share an example of some you’re already doing. Just leave a comment below.

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